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12 문법

He offered            me                           a job

She made                the children            cookies

I bought                  him                          a chocolate

He sent                    me                           an email

He told                    everybody              the truth

She taught            us                           the song

He showed            me                           the photos

A mother read        the children            a fairy tale

She lent                  me                          some money

He passed               me                           the ball


My mother made me a cookie.

My mother made me a doctor.


12 대화

A: Mark promised me that he would finish it by this morning. But he didn’t.

B: Don’t you know that he is a real flake?

A: I heard but I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.


12 표현

He is a pushover. (그는 잘 넘어가는 타입이다.)

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