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I found         to take this class    helpful

I found         it        helpful         to take this class


I thought      to see my family again     wonderful

I thought      it        wonderful    to see my family again


I found         to see many people cheat on their tests          repulsive

I found         it        repulsive      to see many people cheat on their tests


I find           that we practice repeatedly        necessary

I find           it        necessary     that we practice repeatedly


I consider    that people smoke in public places     wrong

I consider    it        wrong          that people smoke in public places


She   made  me      a doctor

She   made  me      happy

She   made  me      go there


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A: I’ve got to work the grave yard shift again? I’m going to freak.

B: But Tom is in the hospital and Bill is on leave. There’s nobody but you.

A: Alright. But next time is somebody else’s turn.


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We always hit it off. (우리는 서로 마음이 잘 맞아)

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