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영어 수다 17회

17 문법

They are             to release their 2nd movie

My family is      willing to hold a party

We are               likely to watch a movie

My mom is         going to decorate the house

I am                   going to get a hair cut

The movie is      about to start

I am                   about to make a speech

My friend is       able to start a new business

He seems           to be upset

The man           to take the position        is my friend


17 대화

A: I’m counting on you for this project, John.

B: Don’t worry. I’ve done something similar to this.

A: Good, if you need any help, just get in touch with me.


17 표현

Tom looks all of 30. 톰은 기껏해야 30살로 보인다.

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