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영어 수다 19회

19 문법

He is the man                  to give a speech

The man                         to take the position        is my friend


She is                 feeding the birds          

He is                 writing an essay            

We are              playing basketball        

He is                 calling his girlfriend     


I am                   studying tonight           

I am                   taking the exam tomorrow       

I am                   going out with my friends tonight         

She is                 coming back nest week

We are              taking the next flight    

They are           playing against us in the next match     

They are           filming in 2 days           


I will be            practicing the speech tomorrow            

He will be          getting a car on his birthday    

I will be            waiting for you until you come back


19 대화

A: And on top of that he dirtied the floor!

B: Hey, mellow out.

A: I can’t help it. I’m so mad.


19 표현

John is really stuck up. (존은 진짜 거만해)

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