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영어 수다 20회

20 문법

I was                 testing the food

I was                 taking a shower            

We were            helping the old lady      

He was              waving at me   

They were         chattering        


I noticed the woman                  looking at me   

I saw a girl                                   coming toward us         

The people ignored the man      making a scene

I don’t know the girl                  waving at me   


The child                        swimming in the river                is my sister

The receptionist             handling the reservation            is nice

The girl                          brushing her hair                       is very cute

The man                        writing papers                             is under a pressure

The girl                          chatting with your sister            is drop-dead gorgeous

The man                        playing soccer                             is athletic


The girl in a red dress is my sister.

He reached the summit of the mountain.

I have a scratch on my arm.

We rescued the dog with the injured leg.

Tom is a man of honor.

Something in the corner of the desk is moving.


20 대화

A: Excuse me, will you hold it down a little? This is a public place.

B: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know we were so loud.

A: That’s okay.


20 표현

Jane is a loose cannon (제인은 완전 통제 불능이야.)

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