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21 문법

The news was announced         

I was forgiven 

I am already forgotten from her heart 

My heart is broken      

The bill was paid          

The reservation is made            

The time is set  

He was awarded a gold medal 

The hotel           built in 1950                                is on fire

The car              fixed on Monday                        is broken again

The book          written by me                             is the best-seller

The heart          broken by the tragedy               can’t be healed

The guitar         used by a famous singer            is expensive

The lady            dressed in pink                           is my mom

The people        trapped in traffic                       are upset

The man           frightened by the ghost              fainted

The people       trained yesterday                       are tired


21 대화

A: I’m terribly thirsty!

B: Well, it is Friday afternoon…

A: You read my mind. Let’s go grab a beer.


21 표현

That took a lot of nerve.(balls, guts). (배짱 좋구나~)

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