Galaxy Gear, Offers Famous Domestic and Foreign Mobile Messengers


Samsung Electronics is planning to offer major domestic and foreign mobile messengers in ‘Galaxy Gear’, its brand new smart watch

According to fnNews, Samsung is pursuing ‘Open Platform Strategy’ after convinced that it’s inevitable to linkage with major messengers that provide global service. With this strategy, Samsung is trying to develop new market of wearable computer.

It is reported that Galaxy Gear that Samsung firstly released at Berlin in Germany on September 4 will be basically loaded with major domestic and foreign mobile messenger services.

Line, a mobile messenger of NAVER, Korea’s largest portal site, is worthy of notice. Especially, Line is sensationally popular in Japan and it already has 240 millions of global members. Naver announced Line would be pre-loaded into Galaxy Gear as soon as released to the public. It can be said that Samsung and Naver have cooperated for a long time.

Other than Line, Galaxy Gear also offers KaKaoTalk. It is Korea’s top messenger that recently surpassed 100 million of members. One staff of Kakao said “Galaxy Gear will be purchased basically loaded with Kakao Talk through which there will be no profit to us.”

Not only domestic representatives but also foreign mobile messengers such as WeChat and What’s App will be chosen as a basic application program of Galaxy Gear in the near future.

For the present, Galaxy Gear will be basically loaded with 5~6 messenger apps such as Line, Kakao Talk, Chat On of Samsung, and 2 or 3 foreign services.

It is the first time for Samsug Electronics to choose competitor’s services such as Line and Kakao Talk as basic applications to its mobile product. Samsung seems to open its current flatform breaking precedent to load ChatOn only into Samsung’s smartphone and tablet.

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