KakaoTalk, Indifferent in iOS7


Users who installed lately released Apple’s iOS7 are complaining about KaokaoTalk’s errors .

KaokaoTalk is the most popular mobile messenger in Korea

According to some users of kakaotalk, functions of “Friends List” and kakao game cannot be worked ordinarily in mobile phones with iOS7.

Through an urgent announcement, Kakao which is a service company of kakaotalk, asked the users to postpone updating iOS7 until the firm distributes new version which enables to operate them properly under iOS7.
kakao is preparing for new version(3.7.0) for iOS7 but an accurate distribution date was not known yet.

Most representative foreign social network services such as Face Book and Twiter updated their mobile apps in time for the distribution of iOS7.

The users are critical to Kakao that haven’t coped with iOS7 at the point of 3 months past after beta version was released to developers.
Kakao made glaring errors as a service company, the most popular one of so called IT power house.

It also sounds arrogant and impudent for Kakao to ask its customers to postpone updating until it completes to establish the proper app.

There has been much dissatisfaction among the users because it distributed upgrade version(4.0) of KakaoTalk only to Android OS early this month.

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