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Why Naver founder resigned as CSO


Mr. Lee Hae-Jin, Naver founder, pulls out of domestic business within the 14 years of its founding.

He resigned as CSO(chief strategy officer) last August when NHN was separated into Naver and NHN entertainment.

His position of chairman of the board will be maintained and he will strive for global market as CEO of Line, Naver’s mobile messenger.

In January 2004, Mr. Lee resigned as CEO and gave the position to Kim Bum-soo, co-founder of NHN.

Now, kim bum-soo is a chairman of KakaoTalk, a competitor of Line.

Even after resigning as CEO, he had led the company supervising decision making, and developing future growth engine as CSO and chairman of the board.

Mobile industry expects Line to speed up attacking global mobile market as Mr. Lee joins to overseas business activities.

At present, Line is staring 300 million users in the face.

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